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Acoustic exhibition

Learn all about sound! Is it possible to paint with sound? What do we need a pair of ears for? is it possible to see a sound wave? You will find answers to these and many more questions in the extraordinary educational exhibition – “The Highway of Sound.” The interactive exhibition, in the form of spectacular experiments, is the best way of learning through play. “The Highway of Sound” will show you physics from a completely new angle and kindle your enthusiasm to discover the world around you. The exhibition offers not only insight into the basic principles of physics, but also outstanding experiments connected with acoustics. This amazing exhibition allows to carry out unconventional physics lessons where students can experience things they have known only from the textbooks. “The Highway of Sound” encourages both children and adults to embark on a journey to the magical world of acoustics.

The Exhibition is an original project of “Quaero” (formerly the Off Science Ltd.), whose primary goal is to promote science in a modern and non-standard way, avoiding common schemes and boring lectures. We believe that everyone can comprehend the physical phenomenon which we encounter every day, if they are presented in a right way; and there is no better way of teaching than combining experiment and fun. This is supported by the great popularity of our previous projects, such as “Riddles of Optics” which was a part of the “Szkiełko i Oko” (eng. Looking Glass and Wiseman’s Eye) in “Hummanitarium – Ogrody Doświadczeń” in Wrocław, Poland.

“The Highway of Sound” consists of 23 interactive, autonomous stands which present problems of sound and its perception in attractive and modern way. The stands are equipped with dedicated software which was designed especially for the exhibition. Additionally, some of the stands are fitted with infrared Leap Motion sensors, which allow to control the experiment in an interesting and original way with hand gestures. Modern design, high quality materials and visual appeal make the exhibition a valid competitor for the best international projects of this type.
We offer this unique exhibition which enables implementation of a full didactic path at all the states of education.

– estimated surface area– min. 150m2

Ball machine

Deterministic machine wich allows billard-balls travel different ways. You could apply different physical theories to different parts of the machine – even such theory as “molecular motors”.

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