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Experiment gieves rise to knowledge!

What is Quaero?

“Quaero” is a latin word for

“inquire” or “search for”

That is why we have chosen this word for the name of our company.

Quaero is a company that aims to promote science in a way that has not been done yet!
We use the latest technology and alternative solutions.
Our basic premise is to believe that physical phenomena
can be understood and remembered by everyone,
provided they are given in the right way.

We put on teaching through fun and experiment.
We use technology that allows you to touch and see what you previously read in books only.

We are convinced that empirical contact with physical phenomena will help to assimilate – sometimes difficult – theoretical knowledge.

This concerns the youngest, who are just beginning their adventure with physics as well as adults.

Quaero was founded in 2013 by Dariusz Kajewski, Ph.D. – active scientist and academic teacher.
Since then the company cooperates closely with scientist
from the Institute of Physics of the Silesian University in Katowice, Poland.
Involvement of outstanding scientists guarantees the professionalism and high level of our realization. Cooperation with students and graduates of the University provides a fresh perspective and a modern alternative approach to learning.

Our motto is the slogan, with which we work
we want to be outside the box to search for the best solutions in eductation.

We are always out of conventions.

Innovation and professionalism are the qualities that distinguish us.

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